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DateThe date and time of this users session. KillsThe number of kills accrued this session. KPMKills Per Minute. SDThe score differential between this user and the other players of the server.(Higher is better) TTPTotal Time Played for this session. PingAverage Ping of the user through the gaming session. APCAverage Player Count of the server. Map Team
19 Mar 12:43 PM60.66-89m 3s502Final Strike100% Gov
19 Mar 12:33 PM30.76-63m 58s522Final Strike100% Gov
19 Mar 12:28 PM20.98-72m 2s532Final Strike100% Gov
Totals for alltime: 11 0.73 -7 15m 3s 52 2 100% ST 100% Gov
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